The Institute of Mechanics is part of the faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Otto von Guericke University. The Institute of Mechanics includes the chairs Adaptronics, Computational Mechanics, Engineering Mechanics, and Engineering Dynamics. In addition, a junior professorship is integrated: Fluid Structure Interaction in Multibody Systems.

The institute is dedicated to higher education and research in the field of mechanics. Researchers conduct both basic and applied research. The results obtained from analytical, computational and experimental research are used to complement the educational curriculum.

Due to structural decisions at the state level in 2004 and the agreements reached between the two universities of the state, the previous chair of Strength of Materials joined the chair of Engineering Mechanics on April 1st, 2016.

Magdeburg Association for Engineering Mechanics (MATEM) (german: Magdeburger Verein für Technische Mechanik)

Founded in 1994 by faculty members and alumni of the Institute of Mechanics, the Magdeburg Association for Engineering Mechanics is committed to the promotion of science and research as well as education in the field of mechancis. MATEM is publisher of the journal „Technische Mechanik“ (german designation for Engineering Mechanics).


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